Contact Us


Contact Us


Ranelagh Road (Ipswich) MCL

c/o NRM,

Wherry Road,

Norwich, NR1 1WS.

Phone Number

01473 558400

Durng Office Hrs

Option 1: Property Management Dept

Option 2: Accounts Dept

Option 3: Maintenance Dept

Evenings & Weekends:

Option 1 Emergency out of hours information / response

Option 2: Property Manager (24hrs Answerphone)

Option 3: Maintenance Dept  (24hrs Answerphone)



ranelaghroad @



Contact  us via SMS (Text Messaging)
Simply Text your message to: 07860017377
(Standard text rates apply and count towards inclusive txt’s within your monthly package)

Text messages are great for quick update of contact details, reporting faults etc.

Please note this is a virtual number so does not receive incoming calls,

please call 01473 558400  if you need to speak to the team


You can also find us on WhatsApp 07860017377

Just another way to sent in pictures or have a chat about an issue