Maintenance services

Maintenance Services:

Communal Cleaning – NRM provide a cleaner/caretaker at the development.

Estate Maintenance – NRM provide a caretaker who deals with estate bins

Grounds Maintenace – Grounds maintenance contractor (Imonsite Ltd) to cut grass & tend to bushes / planted areas

Window cleaning – Please note only private apartments are cleaned by RRMCL.  BLock D and parts of B,C and E owned by Wherry Housing aren’t included (as not specified in the management agreement). Completed by JCA Cleaning

Notices are erected prior to window cleaning to advise residents.

Bin Cleaning – NRM provide a commercial bin cleaning service at the development to clean out bins on a regular schedule.


Please report any maintenance issues  you notice to the communal areas to NRM via email or the contact form on the front page.

Please note we are not responsible for any issues within your apartment. If you rent you must contact your letting agent or landlord.